Posted by: emilywil | March 3, 2009

Top 10 Things to Do at a Interview

Do You Know How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Employer?

Do You Know How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Employer?

1.) Dress Appropriately:  When going to a interview, make sure to dress professionally.  Preferably wear a suit, and if your a woman possibly a skirt.  Always wear panty-hose if you do decide to wear a skirt. Also, make sure you wear nice shoes, they can portray how hard you work. 

2.) Always, Always Follow Up After a Interview:  Even if you are not interested in the job, still follow up with a hand written letter to the people you met while on the interview. 

3.) Do NOT Bad Mouth Past Employers: You never know when the person your interviewing possibly could know the person your badmouthing.  The job circuit is a smaller world than we all think.

4.) Ask Questions During the End of the Interview: Make sure you go into the interview with a list of questions for your potential employer.  Avoid questions having to deal with salary, or vacations, save these questions for a follow up interview. 

5.)Go in Prepared: Make sure you research the company and know general information such as some of the top employees, their mission statement, and company locations. 

6.) Make Sure You Know What Kind of Interview:  Their are different types of interviews.  Make sure you know if your going in for a traditional face-to-face interview or a panel interview.  Their are also WEBcam interviews and telephone interviews, in that case, make sure your equipment is prepared before you begin the interview. 

7.)Body Language:  You should be confident; stand and sit straight up insuring that your posture is good. Also, you should make eye contact, but not stare at them, it is okay to glance at your notes. 

8.) Don’t Tell Too Much About Yourself:  Even though you may get nervous, don’t begin to talk aimlessly, this could lead to revealing things about yourself that you don’t necessarily want to.  Also, if you have been laid-off, make that clear, in today’s economy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you did something bad to get fired.

9.) Shake-Hands:  Shake hands with everyone that you meet.  If you have a sweaty hand, hand sanitizer has alcohol and will dry your hand out.  Also, use a firm hand-shake, but don’t leave the employer with a broken hand.

10.) Be Confident and Yourself:  Go in prepared, but also be yourself, and don’t act too much like a robot.  Make sure you explain your strengths and portray your weaknesses as strengths.



  1. The picture you used for this blog is very appropriate…did you get it off flickr?

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