Posted by: emilywil | March 9, 2009

Chapter 4: PR Firms and Departments

   Chapter 4 Discusses the differences and similarities of PR departments and firms. 

Departments: serve various roles and functions within companies and organizations.

  1.     Names of PR Departments: Corporate communications, communications, marketing and corporate affairs, investor relations, public affairs, etc.
  2. Organization of Departments
  3. Line and Staff Functions
  4. Sources of Friction: Legal, Human Resources, Advertising, and Marketing. 

Outsourcing: most major companies are starting to outsource their communications to public relations firms.  A study showed that Fortune 500 companies now spend 25% of their public relations budgets on outside firms.

Firms:  often called agencies and can vary in size from one to two person operations to global giants. 

Provide Services Such as:

  1. Marketing Communications
  2. Executive speech training
  3. research and evaluation
  4. Crisis communication
  5. Media Analysis
  6. Community Relations
  7. Events Management
  8. Public Affairs
  9. Branding and  Corporate Reputation
  10. Financial Relations

Firms usually charge by:

  1. Basic Hourly Fee
  2. Retainer Fee: a basic monthly charge billed to the client which covers the ordinary and administrative expenses for maintaining the account and being “on call” for advice and counseling. 
  3. Fixed Project Fee

* All information comes from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics: Ninth Ed.  By: Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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