Posted by: emilywil | March 11, 2009

5 Tips to Getting into the Sports Industry

   While I’ve only been in the blogging world for a short amount of time, I have found numerous blog sites about my passion, which is sports.  Not only are these blogs about sports, but about PR and communications within sports.  While scanning some of the blogs today I ran across something that I feel will help me in my future of pursuing PR within the sports industry and I feel it may help others.  These ideas come from the blog “Sports Career Consuluting Blog”.   This blog is run by the Sports Career Consulting company out of Portland, Oregon. 

   Since I enjoy this site, I will encourage you to go look at it, therefore I will only report the five ideas briefly.

  1. Be Passionate
  2. Gain Experience
  3. Network, Network, Network
  4. Show a DESIRE to Learn
  5. Make Yourself Marketable

At the bottom of this blog entry was a self- assesment to decide whether or not you have a future in sports PR:

1) How can I apply the five keys to the game to my own personal set of circumstances?

2) What will make me marketable?  Identify a specific plan.

3) What characteristics do I possess to make me stand out among other prospective employees in such a competitive field?  How can I distinguish myself from my peers?

4) Where can I get related experience?

5) Am I willing to make the sacrifices necessary to break into this field?

I found this blog, and especially this entry very useful and I hope maybe this will help others!

Once again the blog website is:

And the companies website is:



  1. Hey! i really liked how you organized this! Looks great! I really liked how you posted different links to look through!

    Also to post what a comment all you have to do is type

    Comment on _____’s post “______”, on 1/1/09
    then you highlight comment put and click the link button, then past in the link to the comment. you do the same for both the person’s blog and then the person’s post!

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