Posted by: emilywil | March 11, 2009

Chapter 6: Program Planning

In chapter 6 we learned the value of planning.  This is the second part of RACE, which is Action.  This is the action because this is when you start to plan out what your going to do. 

Approaches to Planning:

Management by Objective:

  1. Client/Employer objectives
  2. Audience/Publics
  3. Audience Objectives
  4. Media Channels
  5. Media Channel Objectives
  6. Sources and Questions
  7. Communication Strategies
  8. Essence of the message
  9. Nonverbal Support

A strategic planning model starts by figuring out the facts, goals, audience, and the key message. 

Elements of a Program Plan:

  1. Situation:It is crucial to the PR person to know what the situation is.  Usually a PR person is called when (1) when there is a problem to overcome (2) when there is a one time project to launch or (3) there is something that they want to reinforce an effort to preserve its reputation and public support.
  2. Objectives: can be evaluated by asking (1) Does it really address the situation? (2) Is it realistic and achievable? (3) Can success be measured in meaningful terms?   There are two types of objectives, the first is informational and the second is motivational.
  3. Audience:the PR person needs to know who their specific and defined audiences or publics are. 
  4. Strategy: this describes how an objective is to be achieved, it also provides guidelines and a key message for the overall project.
  5. Tactics: this is the nuts and bolts of the plan, this describes the specific actions that are going to be done to achieve the goal.
  6. Calendar/Timetable: the timing of campaigns is crucial because you need to take into account the timing and context of when will be the best time to reach you audience. 
  7. Evaluation: this is where you look back and see if the objective you decided on was achieved, this often includes a compilation of how often key message points were mentioned in the media. 


*All this information was taken from Public Relations and Tactics:Ninth Ed. By: Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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