Posted by: emilywil | March 25, 2009

Chapter 8: Evaluation

  Chapter 8 explained the purpose of evaluation as the fourth step of the public relations process.  Some of the main points included:

Evaluation Objective Questions:

  1. Was the activity or program adequately planned?
  2. Did the recipients of the message understand it?
  3. How could the program strategy have been more effective?
  4. Were all primary and secondary audiences reached?
  5. Was the desired organizational objective achieved?
  6. What unforeseen circumstances affected the success of the program or activity?
  7. Did the program or activity fall within the budget set for it?
  8. What steps can be taken to improve the success of similar future activities?

The ways to measure the exposure of the message which include, media impressions, hits on the Internet, advertising equivalency, systematic tracking, return on investments, and audience attendance.

There are also ways of audience awareness, audience attitudes, audience action,  and supplemental activities. 

Newsletter Readership is evaluated by (1) reader perceptions (2) the degree to which stories are balanced (3) the kinds of stories that have high reader interest (4) additional topics that should be covered (5) credibility of the publication (6) extent to which the newsletter is meeting organizational objectives. 

A newsletter, newspaper, or even a brochure can be evaluated by:

  1. Content Analysis
  2. Readership Interest Survey
  3. Article Recall
  4. Advisory Board


All this information was taken from the Public Relations:Strategies and Tactics Ninth Ed. By Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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