Posted by: emilywil | March 30, 2009

Seth Godin’s: “Tribes”

  Dr. Nixon placed a video on her website to replace class on Monday, March 23.  The video was placed online by Andrew Warner on his website.  This video is of Seth Godin’s speech on his new book Tribes .

While I was watching the video, I learned alot about tribes and that they are not the tribes that live in Africa.  Seth Godin went over how the era of advertisement is over and tribes are the new way of promoting things today.  He went over how tribes are organic and genuine system based on two main questions of 1.) Whose involved?  and 2.) Whose going to lead us.  Tribes are the new way of selling a  product and it relates to people on a personal level instead of the traditional way of mass media.  I learned that the only three big tribes of our lifetime has been, religion, work, and community.  This helped me to give me a better understanding of what tribes are.  Another thing I learned was that tribes are about what makes people feel good.  Seth Godin used the example of The Red Hat Ladies, and how they all share something in common, a language, and a leader.  To me, this example helped sum up the purpose behind a tribe and it is all about finding somewhere to belong.  Godin also went into the difference between a crowd and a tribe.  A crowd is a bunch of people and a tribe is a bunch of people with something in common.   His example of this was Barack Obama’s campaign and how he associated a bunch of people together with the common interest of him becoming president.  In the end, Seth Godin did a great job in my opinion of putting forth this idea of tribes and it makes complete sense that in this progressive world, were moving towards a new revolution in marketing which is tribes.


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