Posted by: emilywil | April 9, 2009

Crisis Management

   In class on Monday, April 6, we discussed crisis management within PR.  Crisis may not happen alot, however when it does, you must be ready to react.  I learned a crisis could be finding out a baseball player from your organization did steroids, or a hurricane knocked out all the power, and you happen to be the power company.

  The definition of a crisis is a non-routine event that risks undesired visibility that in turn threatens significant reputation damage. 

  We learned that there are 4 types of Crises:

  1. Meteor: something pops in with no idea it’s happening.
  2. Predator: someone else causes the crisis
  3. Breakdown
  4. Lingering: a crisis that doesn’t go away

We also discussed what sparks a crisis:

  1. Environmental
  2. Technological
  3. Terrorist
  4. Criminal Misconduct
  5. Managerial
  6. Accidental

  If you have a plan for a crisis you can avoid, stress, demonstrate goodwill, involve stakeholders, and continue business. 

 We also discussed the tools for a Crisis Kit, the three R’s of Crisis management which is Research, Response, and Recovery, and the 4 stages of a crisis which is 1.) heroic 2.) Honeymoon 3.) Disillusionment 4.) Reconstruction. 

  All this information can be found at Dr.Nixon’s Blog under the post public relations in a times of crisis and conflict.


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