Posted by: emilywil | April 14, 2009

Angel Cabrera Wins The Masters

   As a student seeking to become fluent in the Spanish language, it was alot of fun for me to watch a Hispanic man win The Masters.  It was a big step for the Hispanic culture to see a translator sitting in Butler Cabin while an Argentinian was awarded the green jacket. 

   Cabrera tied Americans, Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell to go into a sudden death playoff.  Campbell shot a long putt to go out on the first playoff hole and Cabrera took the title when Perry shot his drive into the ruff .  With many stories trying to outshine Cabrera’s victory (Tiger and Phil’s duel), I believe Cabrera should not be overlooked and should be praised for his win the same as past winners.  Cabrera also won the 2007 US Open, for his first majors win. 

   After researching many sites for information, I am at a loss for words at the amount of attention around Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s pairing or Kenny Perry’s fall from the top.  As a college student, I have tried to use my resources to learn more about Cabrera and promote his win, however my resources are limited.   Therefore I hope with this blog post, maybe someone that has the access to more information can help me out a little bit!


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