Posted by: emilywil | April 15, 2009

Crisis Management In Practice with the MLB

  I have stumbled along some great sports PR blogs in recent weeks, including Sports Marketing and PR Roundup.  As I was reading today, I ran across a post on the LA Angels and how they have dealt with crisis PR in the aftermath of an unexpected death. 

  The Angels had to deal with a unexpected death of rookie pitcher, Nick Adenhart.  Last Wednesday after pitching six shutout innings, he was involved in a hit and run car crash.  The Angels handled this crisis with poise and did not come forward with details until everything had been solved.  As a hopeful PR person, I have noticed the way the organization came forward with information and watched carefully to see how it would be handled. 

  We learned about crisis PR in class about a week ago, and one of the things I noticed is that the organization got their crisis management team together and presented a calm response to the tragedy.  The head of Angels communication became the ringleader of organizing press releases, contacting previous and current teammates, and figuring out how to deal with the press. 

  In the blog Sports Marketing and PR Roundup, the author wrote a very important couple of lines about the role of a PR person during a crisis:

  “Keeping everyone on track, following the flow of information, working with public authorities and media who may not be familiar with your situation or practices, and having the organization speak with one voice are critical when problems arise. For better or worse, one of the best groups at dealing with crisis, more because of habit than anything else, are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”


** Most information was taken from The Sports Marketing and PR Roundup Blog Post.


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