Posted by: emilywil | April 20, 2009

The Next 48 Hours of Twitter

  I’m not going to lie to you, the first time I tried Twitter I did NOT understand how it could function as a good tool for me.  I basically used Twitter to keep up with  Ashton Kutcher  and his war with CNN.  I then got the great idea to use it the way Dr. Nixon intended us to use it, as a connection to the hundreds of PR pros on Twitter. 

  These 48 hours were very different from my first 24 hours.  Instead of writing about what I was doing in my daily life, I asked questions about the Dominos crisis and asked a PR pro to help with my resume.  I also checked my Twitter account about six or seven times a day instead of updating once a week.  When I logged onto my account, I took time to read what other people had written and found out alot about what was going on in the world from FoxNewsand also about alot of internships from numerous PR pros. 

  I am still surprised by Twitter that you cannot edit what you have posted.  Unlike Facebook, you cannot go back and delete comments on other people’s pages or on your own.  I now make sure what I type is spelt correctly and makes sense before posting it for the entire world to see.  I am also surprised by how many spammers have already found their way onto Twitter. I guess Twitter is still in its beginning stages and those two things will maybe be solved, or maybe just get worse as popularity builds. 

  I still would like to learn to better use Twitter.  I would like to know how to use the TweetDeck, because it seems to be a favorite with some of my peers.  I would also like to learn how to make an @someone into a link.  I know these tasks may seem simple to a Twitter pro, so someone help me out!

  As I have found more blogs through WordPress, I have also discovered most of the bloggers also have Twitter pages.  Three PR pros that I have enjoyed reading are:

  1. @heatherhuhman:  She is always posting new internship opportunities and she even gave me a website that showed how to do a perfect LinkedIn profile. 
  2. @gojohnab: She seems to be an active member in PRSA and is constantly updating with PR and PRSA news and events.
  3. @behindthejersey: She is not a PR Pro, yet! She is a student at the University of Michigan whom is interning with the Red Wings hockey team.  She has links to great articles within the world of sports PR , and she has set up a great page for me to use as an example with my own page!

  Even though Twitter seemed pointless at first, I have found many connections and some great advice through this growing website.  I will continue to use Twitter even after I am not being graded on it!!

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  1. It’s great to hear that Twitter has become so useful for you!

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