Posted by: emilywil | April 20, 2009

United Airlines Shows Difference Towards Obese

   United Airlines announced that passengers that are too large to fit into one seat will be moved to two emptyseats.  If there are no empty seats on the flight, the passenger will have to upgrade to business class, or buy two seats on another flight.  This came after United reported numerous complaintsabout people not having enough room due to larger people that were sitted  beside them.  This policy will be in forced with passengers that cannot fit the seat belt around them, or cannot bring the armrest down. 

  I posted a link to the article on my Twitter page and got numerous responses within five mintues.  One of my peers wrote that she was amazed and that she couldn’t believe that United Airlines was allowed to do this.  A PR pro based out of Denver wrote that he was very happy to hear this; being that he has been one of those passengers wedged inbetween an overweight passenger and the window.  As college students, we don’t fly nearly as much as people within the workforce, therefore I understand why he would think that way. 

  In my personal opinion, I believe this is just another way to make overweight people feel worse about themselves.  Two-thirds of America is overweight, therefore this is not something that will only effect a couple of people.  I understand that airline companies cannot make new planes with bigger seats, however I feel there must be a better solution than embarrassing overweight passengers.



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