Posted by: emilywil | April 27, 2009

Getting into the News

In Dr. Nixon’s Intro to PR class on April 20, 2009, we discussed getting your client into the news and how to write a basic press release.  I included her slides she used from class above.

  We first discussed the way to write a proper press or news release (it can be referred to as either).  Ivy Lee was the father of the press release, because he was the first man to write one.  I learned that a press release needs to be written with the intentions of it being published on a mass media network (i.e. radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.).  I also learned as the author of the press release, you shouldn’t expect to get your name as the author when published.  Usually an editor will change a couple of things around within the release to make it not seem biased, then put their name on it.    Also, a press release should be written in a inverted pyramid style and answer the questions:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. Why?
  6. How?

  The next thing we learned about was fact sheets; which are made to be given to journalist for background information on the company.  A couple of things that you should include in your fact sheet is:

  • organization or companies full name
  • products or services offered
  • annual revenue (if a public company, sometimes this WILL be left out)
  • number of employers
  • names and biographies of top executives

  The last piece of PR writing we learned about was media kits.  These are prepared for major events that organizations host.  For example a 25th anniversary celebration or the launch of a new product.  Media Kits should include:

  • one story announcing the event
  • background about the event
  • fact sheet about company
  • photos (should be good resolution and ready to publish)
  • biographies on speakers, organizers, etc.
  • brochures

  These are all types of writing styles that as I progress towards a PR degree, will have to learn to perfect.  Press releases, media kits, and fact sheets will all benefit me within my career as a PR professional one day soon!


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