Posted by: emilywil | April 29, 2009

UGA Professor Kills Three then Flees

    On April 25, GeorgeZinkhan, a marketing professor at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, shot and killed three people outside of a local theatre, including his wife.   When the police arrived at his house, they discovered he had left his children with a neighbor and Zinkhan had fled. 

  Early this month I was accepted into the University of Georgia.  It has been a life long dream of mine to attend the university, however with the past weekends events, I began to rethink my decision.   With the national spotlight on the UGA campus, President Michael Adams came forward and handled the situation very well by sending out e-mails to students and updating the  UGA website with current information about what was going on.  However, for some reason UGA appears differently to me in the aftermath of this tragedy. 

  I am not naive, I know this could happen on any campus across the US  and that for some unknown reason, this professor just snapped.  After attending Georgia Southern University and living in a small college town, I have realized UGA might not be the place for me.  Athens seems like a big city after living in the quaint little town of Statesboro, Georgia for two years.  I know my decision should not be affected by this tragedy, however I can’t help but think that a little piece of me feels safer in a small community like Georgia Southern.


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