Posted by: emilywil | September 13, 2009

CRAP… No, Not that Kind!

Recently in my PRCA 3339: Publications class, we discussed the basics of a good design through the acronym, CRAP.  CRAP stands for contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.  Robin Williams developed the concept of CRAP to explain how to make a good design.  Although all of these elements are crucial to a good design, I picked to explain contrast because I feel as though it is the easiest yet most effective way to make a good design. 

Contrast is using contrasting fonts, and/or contrast in size, color, weight, form, or direction.  You can also use color contrast to also help with the contrast of the design.  I like contrast because it makes it easier to distinguish the importance of topics by using a different font or size, your eyes can’t help but move towards important issues.  Also, when a page is just black and white, it is boring and usually no one wants to read it.  When you use different colors as backgrounds, the appeal of the publication is all around better. 

 This is an example of using good contrast.  The colors are attractive to the eyes and the topic of the paragraphs use a bigger font than the body font size. Also the graphics stand out from the background and become more appealing to the eye.


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