Posted by: emilywil | September 27, 2009

Fonts, Fonts Everywhere!

  In my Public Relations Publications class we have been discussing the importance in selecting the correct font for different publications.  As our class is moving into business cards and brochures, we have been asked to research what size fonts to use for these types of publications. 

  According to Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics by Linda P. Morton, when selecting a font it is important for you to, “select a font that complements the personality of your organization.  It is also important to select the correct size, style and case of the font.  There are serif fonts, sans serif fonts, hand formed fonts, specialized fonts, and adapted fonts.  Each different type of font can have different emotional effects on the reader. 

  According to business know-, they recommend that you never use a font smaller than 7-8 because it is too hard for older people to read.  They recommend a size between 12-15 and also state that it is okay to make your name larger. 

  Also, when making a brochure,, headings should be about a 14 size font and the body text should be a size 12. 

  When people are just getting into the design world, they can find free, legal fonts at and and here is their explinations on how to install the fonts to your computer.   

How to install fonts
  Installing a PC font1) Your version of Windows may install the font automatically. From Windows Explorer, open the ZIP file and drag the .ttf files from the ZIP file into the c:\windows\fonts or c:\winnt\fonts folder (whichever applies to your system). Windows will automatically install the fonts dragged into the Fonts folder.




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