Posted by: emilywil | October 15, 2009

How to Type On a Path in InDesign


Typing on a path gives you the ability to wrap your text around any image you put on the screen.  This can benefit publications because instead of having text just straight across your image or shape, the text can go around them and make the text stand out more and give the publication more character.

Steps to typing on a path:

  1. Open InDesign and select a new document.
  2. Use the shape tool to select a shape (ellipse, rectangle, or polygon)
  3. You can also use the pen tool to make a swerve line.
  4. Click the text tool and hold it down, then move over and select the type on a path tool. TypeOnAPathTool
  5. Click on the path of the shape (must be on the path or it will not work)
  6. Type whatever you want
  7. If you want to flip the image, go to Type > Type on Path options > check the flip box.   There are also other options as far as the location of the text, for example, ascender, baseline, or descender.
  8. Options include:  A.) Rainbow Effect B.) Skew Effect C.) 3D Ribbon D.) Stair Step E.) Gravitytg_25You can do numerous things with type on a path, in my opinion I think it is good to know because just straight across text can sometimes become boring and not appealing to the eye.  More information can be found at Adobe InDesign Help.

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