Posted by: emilywil | November 9, 2009

Just Another Friday at the Print Shop

print_shop_frontFriday, November 6th, our class took a field trip to the new Georgia Southern Print Shop on the first floor of Centennial Place.  We were informed that even though the size of the shop had downsized, all the equipment and resources remained. 

   I took careful note of what all the print shop could do.  Of course, they are going to do our brochures for publications, however I was unaware that they could also print our final books for PR research and campaigns. 

   The print shop can also do business cards, graduation invitations, christmas cards, and put together packets for class notes to sell through the bookstore.  I was shocked to learn that the prices at the print shop were much lower than at Staples or Office Max.  You also have more of a variety with the quantity you want printed instead of being told how many you have to print like at Staples. 

  The print shop is not limited to Georgia Southern Students, people have been known to request work from all surrounding counties.  After visiting the print shop, I was surprised that I had been missing such a useful resource for the past two years of college.  Not only are the prices low, but they are willing to meet with you and  know exactly what you want before they print it.  I will definitely be making use of the print shop for future assignments and future simple needs.


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