Posted by: emilywil | November 29, 2009

Where Would We Be Without Brochures?

  For our PR Publications class our main assignment was to pick a company and create a brochure for the company.

   I picked my uncles company, Padgett Construction Inc. as my client.  We had to write a paper to accompany the brochure, however as I went home for Thanksgiving Break I began to think about things I could have done differently.   I tried to apply the bleed application to two of my pictures, however, when I picked it up from the print shop, there was no bleed.  I wish I would have planned better therefore I could fix it by applying another stroke around the edges or make sure that the bleed was actually working. 

Another problem I encountered was my logo.  I was really  upset that my logo did not run on the front of the page as I had planned.  It was a challenge to make it look proportional, and while trying to keep it proportional, I lost the main concept of my logo.  If I could have done it differently, I would have either edited the logo to match on both sides, or asked for another copy of the logo to better edit within another program such as Photoshop. 

  I feel as though brochures are very important to clients.  For a construction company, I decided to put a lot pictures of completed houses that my uncle had built.   This will benefit my client because he can show hopeful clients what their final product will look like.  My uncle actually decided to use my brochure for his company.  He plans on putting them in some of his friends businesses and handing them out at National Homeowners Association meetings. 

I was pretty happy with my end product, especially since it was my first one.  I wish I could have made certain things different such as the bleed on the picture or the logo, however I now have more respect for graphic designers because I now realize the tediousness that must go into graphic design work.  I learned that my constant need for perfection would drive me crazy in the graphic design industry, therefore I have decided to stick to my PR roots and leave design to the professionals!


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