Posted by: emilywil | November 29, 2009

Photoshop 101

  Katrina Sage is a student at Georgia Southern with quite the experience in Photoshop.  She gave our class the pleasure of coming and giving us a couple basics on the etiquette of Photoshop and what to do when your planning on publishing something for print.

   Katrina told us a couple of basic ideas for print.  The first thing she told us was to always shoot with a nice camera, not a “point and click” camera, for example shoot with a nice Cannon camera not a basic little camera used for everyday photos.  The second bit of advice she told us was to always shoot in raw and save the file as a “TIFF” not a “JPEG” because you lose some of the information within the file and messes up the pixels so your image does not look as good as it should.  Photos should always be at 300 dpi (dots per inch) and CMYK (cyan magenta yellow and black) therefore you can edit them easier.  If you are going to put pictures on websites they should be saved at 72 dpi and RGB (red green blue) color. 

  My favorite part of her presentation was when she showed us pictures of actual shoots that she had been a part of.  It was interesting to me to see how too much editing can ruin a picture or messing with the color too much can also make an image look completely different.  She also showed us a picture of something that she referred to as a page turner.  The example was of a bride and the train of her dress was directed at the right.  Subliminally the dress being towards the right makes the mind want to turn to the next page.

  I really enjoyed Katrina’s presentation because it was nice to hear from an actual student and she was very helpful when telling us what editors want from their photo shoots.


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